Our history

We do whatever it takes to ensure that the outcome exceed your expectations.

Our history

We are able to solve highly complex cases due to our work philosophy, which obliges us to carry out a correct diagnosis and subsequent planning for a consequent good execution of all clinical cases.

At Espai Dental we are able to offer metal-free dentistry, indirect ceramic dentistry, as well as aesthetic and rehabilitative dentistry, as we work with modern and solid knowledge of oral rehabilitation, implantology, orthodontics and other general specialities. We also have a qualified team of dentists with extensive experience in the sector.

In addition, we work in alliance with three top-level dental laboratories, where we carry out digitalised, personalised, manual work with the highest quality materials on the European market. Our allied laboratory in dental ceramics, for cases of high aesthetic demand, is a European reference in this kind of restorations.

We strive for warmth and quality in our care. Our ultimate goal is to develop and design treatments with the best cost-benefit ratio for our patients. 

Our Team

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We listen and understand your needs in order to provide you with a tailor-made service.